About HoneyHire

Here at HoneyHire, we are all about delivering our valued clientele exceptional and unforgettable companionship experiences. Our services are of a non-sexual nature. The value of good company certainly should not be underestimated, in fact, it is a basic human need, and we are here to facilitate that.

Our hand-picked companions, or Honeys as we call them, are eager to please and sure to impress. Not only confident, charming and smart, they also come from all walks of life, have different ethnicities, life experiences and interests. Stemming from the fact that my partner and I are an interracial couple, it was important for us to incorporate diversity into our recruitment process. Therefore, we are sure there will be a perfect match for you.

A few reasons why you might hire a Honey: 

  • You would like to a plus one to take to a social/business function –
    Corporate annual ball, charity luncheons, cocktail parties, Melbourne Cup, etc. 
  • You want a girlfriend/boyfriend experience with no strings attached
  • You are experiencing issues in your relationship. Maybe your are not sure why your better half is unhappy with you? Speak to a Honey who will be able to give you their unbiased opinion
  • You need someone to play a specific role (role-playing)

On a final but important note, we take the safety and wellbeing of our Honeys very seriously. As such, it is our policy that your Honey can escort you anywhere, except your home. At the minimum, we expect you to be courteous and respectful towards them.

Serviced areas currently include Melbourne and Sydney. Please refer to FAQ.