Location NSW
Age 20
Ethnicity Australian/Croatian
Height (cm) 162
Weight (kg) 64
Languages English
Interests & Hobbies Animals, Music Festivals, Swimming, Travelling, Video Games
Specialty Exotic Dance, Pole Dancing
Indicative Hourly Rate $199.95

Why book a date with me? 

I want to build connection with you. A genuine, real life experience with someone that will listen to your problems, and distract you with my own stories and quips. I’m bright and bubbly, can carry a conversation with ease, and can offer a new perspective on a wide range of topics, and all things relationship-wise (I have my own experiences with girls too! I know what it’s like to fumble, awkwardly asking a gorgeous girl on a date, and can offer a unique touch). 

Client satisfaction! – I offer a unique take on fantasies, I genuinely want us to both leave our date content, and happy with the time (and money!) spent. Due to my prior experience, I additionally offer a range of date styles – whether you’d like the girlfriend experience, a gorgeous girl to geek out with, a lingerie ‘waitress’, a sophisticated date for a dinner function or wedding, or even a bucks show! A client that has genuinely enjoyed themselves, and can tell that I too am enjoying myself, finds himself returning over and over again – I’m addicting, consider yourself warned.

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My Life Experiences

  • Throughout my junior schooling and into high school, I experienced bullying due to my differences. I spoke my mind, instead of shying away from those that believed they were above others. Mature beyond my years, I never quite fit in, as I loved to party too much to be with the ‘nerds’, and excelled academically beyond what appeared ‘cool’.
  • As a young girl struggling to fit in, what pushed me further apart was the fact that I am also partially hearing impaired, though no one realises unless they’re told. I also faced other hardships, with a broken family from a young age. These experiences have shaped me to be the person I am today, confident in myself despite what others might think, and with a strong sense of empathy for those around me who need it
  • A memorable life experience of mine was the opportunity to travel through parts of North-Eastern Europe alone with a Contiki tour. While it had its ups and downs, I learned a great deal about myself and enabled myself to put myself out there in a way I never imagined. In my travels I visited London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, and Vienna which was my favourite due to its sheer beauty. I had some amazing (and not so amazing) experiences within these cities, and one day wish to travel back to Europe and other continents, except this time during warmer months! If I could fly somewhere on a plane tomorrow it would be to Croatia, to explore the warm coastline, beautiful landscapes, and to learn more about my background (half Aussie, half Croatian)
  • A deeply significant life experience of mine would also stem from my other line of work, as an exotic dancer. Through dancing over the last 1.5yrs, I’ve met people, and experienced unique once in a lifetime opportunities that I never would have experienced in my life otherwise. However, once again fighting against a stigma of what is and isn’t acceptable, especially from a young age (fresh 18). I have found this work so empowering, and have used this opportunity to set myself up for the future. This work has given me confidence, and a sense of self worth that my teenage self would not grasp. Through this line of work, I have truly bettered myself as I found myself comforting those that needed it most, for those that sought companionship continue to be my forte.

Education and Career Aspirations

  • I am currently undergoing an advanced double degree in science, majoring in Animal Veterinary Bioscience. I aspire to one day undertake leading scientific work, with particular regards to breeding and rehabilitation of native or exotic endangered animals. I have always had big dreams and aspirations, and as a very goal orientated person I’ve never let any obstacle get in the way of this. I have wanted to work with animals for as long as I remember; as a child, it was because they were just too cute. Now, for similar reasons but with the added bonus of wanting to save a species that needs our help. For example, working with Tasmanian Devil’s fighting off Devil Facial Tumour Disease (as part of my undergraduate work placement, I will be conducting field research in this area over the Summer) 

Hobbies & Interest

  • Pole dancing & training as a sport – I have been training since 17 (2.5yrs) throughout high school, despite the stigma attached I have found this incredibly empowering in seeing the sheer strength that my body is capable of within this timeframe 
  • I love swimming at the beach (despite my current lack of olive tan), Italian cuisine, playing video games in my spare time (namely World of Warcraft – on and off for 12 years), and travelling (I’ve travelled across a number of Australian states for a road trip, as well as exploring North-Eastern Europe alone on a Contiki tour – my favourite city was Vienna, Austria as I experienced their Christmas celebrations).
  • I additionally love to go to festivals and raves, as well as attending pop-punk concerts (think Blink-182). My current favourite artists are With Confidence, and Against the Current 

Why I decided to become a Companion

  • As mentioned above, I have personally found myself enjoying this niche of work for the last 1.5yrs, as I have found the connections I have made to be genuine and longstanding. As I love to say within the club, I have always offered “the girlfriend experience” and much prefer it over personas and mere sexual fantasies. I offer a connection. I love to hear about the lives of my clients, give sympathy where it’s due, and genuine advice and ‘real talk’ where it is necessary. I love to laugh, and distract you from the mental hardships that might be reality, and give an emotional safe haven where you are free to enjoy one’s company with no fear of judgement.