We’re always on the lookout for new talent so if the following sounds like you, we would be most keen to hear from you!

You are very conversational, an excellent listener and can easily carry a conversation.  You will not only be well-groomed and tastefully presented but also have the smarts and wits, in whatever area that may be – sports, business, lots of relationship experience or instruments, etc. Please make mention of these in your application.

Please note, HoneyHire is a provider of non-sexual (platonic) companionship services. We strictly do not offer sexual services – you cannot accept payment for sex. Any such conduct is a matter of two consenting adults and is outside the scope of our service agreement.

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A client can engage you for a variety of purposes, the following are a few possible scenarios:

  • Client requires a partner to attend a wedding/social/business function (Corporate ball, cocktail parties, Melbourne Cup, etc.)
  • Creating a girlfriend/boyfriend experience (hold hands, cuddle, kiss on the cheeks)
  • Client may want you to pose as their girlfriend/boyfriend in a social context
  • Listening to and sharing your opinions with clients about relationship issues they may be experiencing.

You can expect every engagement we assign you to be a different and new experience. Perhaps boredom has taken it’s toll in your office job or you are a student looking to make some extra pocket money. Whatever your situation, we offer flexible working arrangements to suit your lifestyle. So are you ready to take on this exciting new challenge?

If you have any questions, please direct them to info@honeyhire.com.au.

About You:

  • Able to work in Melbourne or Sydney
  • Immaculate & tasteful self-presentation
  • Highly organised & reliable – able to respond to job requests promptly via your mobile phone
  • Experience not necessary but you must have a strong desire to please and possess exceptional interpersonal skills with a commitment to ‘client comes first’

Perks & Benefits:

  • HoneyHire will bare the costs to advertise and promote you
  • Flexibility – you can specify your days and times available, if you have a day job or are currently studying, we can work around your timetable
  • No sex required

How to Apply:

  • Complete the form below & submit it to us
  • Submit along with your application a minimum of 6 photos of yourself (include both selfies and full body photos in different contexts).
  • Please note, only-shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview

Please be assured your personal information is handled with confidentiality as per our privacy policy.

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