Due to popular demand, we have now introduced Boyfriends for hire. Yes, that’s right, you can now hire yourself a Male Companion.

Because why not?

You can pretty much do anything you like, with the exception of sexual services (hugs, cuddles, kisses are OK, in fact, we’re all for it). 

Maybe you’re going on a shopping spree and would appreciate an honest and unbiased opinion on your outfit selection, maybe you’re going on a hike and could do with someone to chat with and give you that extra motivation, maybe you don’t have someone special to spend your birthday or special occasion with, that’s when our Companions for hire come into the picture.

In this modern day and age, a lot of us ladies are so focused on building our careers, we simply don’t have the time for dating. Others simply aren’t interested in dating right now and that’s completely fine. That doesn’t mean you should miss out on getting pampered once in a while, quality stress-free fun is what our Companions can offer (boyfriend for hire service).  

We will do our very best to accommodate your requests so please do feel free to reach out, and let us know in as much detail as possible what your plans are – depending on the date, we can also step in and assist with the planning side of things.

Step 1: Choose a Companion

Hiring now, apply today!

Step 2: Select a Service Option

Option 1

Video Meetups

Meet and chat with your Companion via Zoom from the comfort of your own home or when you’re on the go, anywhere within Australia! All you need is your phone, laptop or any other similar device and an internet connection.

Bookings are a minimum of 15 minutes and increase at 15 minute intervals. Special discounted rates will apply to video call bookings.

Option 2

DIY Dates

You are free to choose what you want to do with your Companion during your date, you might have planned something out or want to go ad-hoc on the day.

Bookings are at hourly intervals and the minimum duration for a booking is 1 hour. A single booking of 3 hours or more entitles you to better rates.

Option 3

Custom Dates

We can plan out your date to suit your budget and what you wish to do.  For example, your Companion can accompany you on a day trip to the Yarra Valley visiting popular attractions and wine tasting, followed by dinner at a renowned restaurant.

Please note a booking fee applies. The minimum duration of a booking under the custom package option is 2 hours. Please allow up to 3 business days for our team to consult with you and develop a plan.

Step 3: Submit a Booking Request

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Experience the Difference

Become a Date for Hire

Now Listing Both Men & Women

Do you take pride in providing exceptional and unparalleled customer service? Are you naturally sociable, smart, fun, have a good sense of humour and knows how to carry a good conversation? You may just be who we are looking for! Become a Companion at HoneyHire.

Flexible work arrangements – work your own hours.

Important: HoneyHire is not an escort agency and you are not required to provide sexual services.


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