Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I book my Companion?
Please click on the Booking tab which will guide and explain the whole booking process. Your booking will be sent as a booking request subject to confirmation. Once received, we will get back to you once availability of your Honey is ascertained.

After confirming the specifics of the date, we will email you an invoice. Payment needs to be made within the next 48 hours to secure the date then you will receive a confirmation email once payment has been received. The time slot will be open to someone else if payment is not received within this time frame.

We accept Credit/Debit cards for payment via PayPal and direct deposit.
Sorry, we do not accept cash or cheque.

2. What can I expect from Companions?
You can expect nothing short of a highly memorable experience. Our Companions are respectful, well-presented, and of course, will provide you with the fine company you deserve. They are here to accompany you to weddings, social events, movies, a casual date, just to name a few, it’s your call. It is always prudent to detail any special requirements in the notes section at the time of booking. For example, if you would like your Companion to take on the role as your girlfriend in a social context, it would make sense to book them an hour earlier and to debrief them. To know more please click About Us.

3. What is expected of me? 
You will need to advise the date, time, location, dress code and any other special requirements for the date at the time of making the booking request. The hourly rate paid will cover the Companions’s time only and excludes any other expenses/costs that may be additionally incurred depending on what you choose to do. Any such costs which may include meals, drinks, entry fees, etc., will need to be covered by you. Companions will be responsible for their own travel costs to and from the date only.

To ensure a pleasurable experience, always treat your Companion with respect and courtesy. HoneyHire is not an escort agency, you cannot ask your Companion to have sex with you. Harassing or forcing them to have sex with you would be a breach of our service terms and conditions and will strictly not be tolerated.

4. What if my Honey turns up late or does not show up?
We take these matters very seriously. Our Honeys are hand-picked and highly-vetted individuals. However, they may fall ill or encounter circumstances beyond their control. If there are any changes to your booking, we will contact you as soon as practical to make other arrangements.

We highly value your feedback as this helps us to improve. Any feedback is welcome so do feel free to email us to let us know.