Rachel Dennis


Location VIC
Age 20
Ethnicity Australian/Croatian
Height (cm) 164
Weight (kg) 58
Languages English
Interests & Hobbies Biomedical Science, Food & Drinks, Skiing, Travelling
Specialty Lingerie Waitressing
Indicative Hourly Rate $149.95

Why book a date with me? 

I am a bit of a party girl and love trying new drinks and mixing them myself even. I would be more than happy to bar tend as a topless waitress or in my lingerie for any cheeky occasion. I have previous experience in a strip club as a bartender and can flirt with just about anyone as well as dance flirtatiously in six inch heels. 

I know how to treat a man right and am more than happy to be a girlfriend for the night. 

I am open to just about anything and will make my client happy regardless of the task or activity at hand. I am a huge adrenaline junkie and cannot wait to experience new things. 

Hope to see you soon x

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My Life Experiences

As a 15 year old I witnessed my younger brother deal with alcohol and drug addictions which thankfully, he later overcame.  I also went through a period of depression and anxiety. Getting through this was quite an experience and helped me grow into a stronger woman. 

Having visited Africa – Tanzania, Kenya & Zanzibar, I witnessed firsthand the appalling conditions in hospitals which on one occasion was run by a singular nurse. A sense of duty compelled me to focus my studies on infectious diseases, specifically hospital borne infections. It is my dream to help eradicate some of the major diseases in third world countries and bring about an improvement to the hospital and exhausted health systems.

Education and Career Aspirations

I graduated from Year 12 with an ATAR of 96.55 making me eligible to complete a Bachelor of Biomedical Science. I have been working in the hospitality industry since I was 15 ranging from a head barista to a manager at a restaurant. I’ve also worked as a bartender at Kittens Strip Club. I love people and enjoy working in hospitality but my ultimate goal would be to get my PhD in infectious diseases and study deadly diseases within third world countries and work towards a solution.

Hobbies & Interest

I absolutely love skiing and have been skiing since I was 2. I’m obsessed with the AFL and have been a Hawthorn supporter since I was 8. I just love going to AFL games and supporting my boys.

I love traveling the world and have previously visited Africa, Vietnam, Bali and America (to ski in Colorado).  How nice it is to see different beaches around the world and relax with a pina colada.

Why I decided to become a Companion

I decided to become a Companion because I absolutely love conversing with different kinds of people and joining them in activities they enjoy. I am still a young girl (only 20) and would love to experience as many things as possible, open my boundaries and form bonds with other people. I feel like I have a big heart and would like to expand my circle to include people I wouldn’t meet otherwise.