Shine Jameson


Location NSW
Age 22
Ethnicity Asian
Height (cm) 164
Weight (kg) 49
Languages Hindi, Nepali, Punjabi, English
Interests & Hobbies Make-up, Making Videos, Modelling, Writing, Dancing, Travelling
Specialty Party Host, Lingerie Waitressing
Indicative Hourly Rate $199.95

Why book a date with me? 

By booking me, you have an opportunity of meeting and going out with a charming, graceful and elegant young lady who possess unique qualities including providing warm companionship and friendship.

I am a successful model, specialising in showcasing designer fashion and lingerie. So, you will find me attractive looking.

Also, I am an expert dancer, renown for Bollywood and Hip-Hop styles of dance. If you love dancing, I am the companion for you.

Being a fluent speaker of four languages, I am well-educated and an excellent conversationalist.

One of my best traits is that I am an excellent listener and provider of warm and sagely advice.

I possess attributes that allow me to fulfil diverse roles: as a companion attending a ballet wearing an evening gown at the Opera House or contrastingly, going to a wild bucks party wearing lingerie!

I also love being a travel companion, attending parties, functions or business launches, romantic dinners or celebrations such as birthdays.

I look forward to meeting you and being that ‘special person’ for whatever occasion that you have in mind.

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My Life Experiences

Being born in Nepal and coming from a unique Newari cultural background, I have been blessed growing up in a big family who celebrated festivals every month.

My childhood was a time of happiness, joy, friendship and constant laughter.

I attended a boarding school in Kathmandu.  In 2015, my life, like millions in Nepal, suddenly changed when the great Gorkha Earthquake struck, levelling much of Kathmandu, including many buildings at my school. What I experienced that day forever changed my life as I went about rescuing school friends trapped under rumble.  It took months for me to fully recover from this horrific experience of witnessing devastation on such a grand scale.  From this experience, it taught me about the fragility of life and the need to live everyday as a gift, to make the best of all opportunity, and above all else, strive to make a positive difference by helping others.  This set me on the pathway to choose nursing as my future profession.  My lifelong goal is return to Nepal after graduation and work in remote rural villages where medical access and services remain minimal.

In 2016, I was select to participate in Miss Teen; an annual month-long event broadcast live on national television. I was fortunate to achieve distinction by being awarded the prestigious title, Miss Bubbly.  My parents, brother and extended family were very proud.  As part of participating, contestants were required to undertake charity work.  Much to the shock of my parents at the time, I secretly sold all my gold and used the raised money to lease a shelter.  Afterwards, with the help of my aunt, we found 12 abandoned children with HIV living on the streets of Kathmandu and took them back to the shelter.  I am flushed with pride to say that the shelter is today thriving.  Most of my monthly salary is sent back to help fund the shelter. The sheltered children love having a permanent home. They go to school every day, have three meals and access to many toys.  They also are given HIV anti-viral medications. It is their special home and they love staying at the shelter that we have named WECARE.

I moved to Sydney in 2019 to pursue nursing studies.  Currently I am undertaking a Bachelor of Nursing at Western Sydney University.  Despite the impact of COVID-19 on the regularity of classes, I am determined to finish my degree.

In 2020, I was selected by JustKHOO Modelling Agency to join them as one of their leading female models.

Education and Career Aspirations

My long-term career aspirations are two-fold.  Firstly, I want to become a successful model and by doing so, help inspire younger women from minority cultural groups to pursue their own dreams of modelling.  Secondly, I want to finish my nursing degree and work in remote rural villages with an emphasis on empowering women and girls.

Hobbies & Interest

 I have many hobbies and interests.  Most prominent, they include:

Ø  Nepalese cuisine

Ø  Bollywood and hip-hop dancing

Ø  Hiking and rock climbing

Ø  Visiting beaches

Ø  Modelling – special projects

Ø  Attending sporting events

Ø  Going to parties and dining at good restaurants

Ø  Singing

Ø  Making dance and make-up videos

Ø  Counselling international students in Sydney, particularly those experience a degree of hardship or homesickness

Ø  Assisting a number of charities

Why I decided to become a Companion

I decided to become a Companion because I relished the opportunity of meeting new people, sharing experiences be them adventurous, artistic, romantic and or having a swim at the beach.  I really enjoy providing companionship and friendship to other people and by doing so, I feel empowered and joyful.