Location VIC
Age 23
Ethnicity Asian-Australian
Height (cm) 155
Weight (kg) 50
Languages Cantonese (not fluent), English
Interests & Hobbies Gaming, Festivals & Raves, Animals, Anime
Indicative Hourly Rate $159.95

Why book a date with me? 

If you feel like doing anything while having some fun and genuine company, I’ll be your perfect choice. I’m not fussy or picky, I’m super easy going and willing to do whatever. Happy to take same gender bookings too.

I’m always willing to try new things and explore/discover. You never have to feel shy or awkward around me. Forget about all your negative emotions. 

Let me be your getaway for the night. I can be whatever girlfriend you want me to be. I’m here to please you. 😊 

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Life Experiences 

I was born in Malaysia, left to live in New Zealand for a few years then came to Australia when I was 11.
In the past, I used to be in a swimming club and took karate and piano lessons when younger.
Haven’t been able to experience life as I should have in the past 6 years due to a series of unfortunate events. Happy to share a lot more in person.

Education and Career Aspirations

I completed a Bachelor of Science a while ago. Right at the moment I’m taking some time off to work and focus on myself as well as start up a business.

Hobbies & Interest

  1. Musical festivals/raves – Love going to raves and socialising
  2. Games – I used to be addicted to games. I have less time for it now but I do still play occasionally
  3. Anime
  4. Animal lover –I nearly become a vet. Used to have lots of pets
  5. Travelling– Been to quite a few places including America, Alaska, Korea and Japan
  6. Snorkelling – My favourite activity
  7. Gym – Trying to keep fit.

Why I decided to become a Companion

I’m very sociable and making others happy makes me happy too. I love to try out new experiences and connect with all kinds of different people.