Location NSW
Age 24
Ethnicity Australian
Height (cm) 159
Weight (kg) 52
Languages Russian, English
Interests & Hobbies Visual art, latin dancing, pole and general fitness
Indicative Hourly Rate $199.95

Why should you book a date with me?

I am someone who can have a stimulating conversation but also someone who is sexy at the same time 😉 I’m always up for a good laugh no matter where we are and will always know how to make an event memorable whether it is just us two or in a crowd. I’m always down to get into my lingerie to for a special sexy performance for events or make it special with just the two of us.

Or, take me out as your girlfriend/date to special events – I will always make sure you are enjoying yourself throughout the night and will definitely be sure to make excellent impressions on your friends/family. xx

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My Life Experiences

Whenever my friends or past partners run into troubles with personal life challenges, I would always be there for them and go the extra mile just to make sure they are okay. What hurts me the most is when those people weren’t there for me when i needed them. What I understood and learned was to not have expectations on others and to, most importantly, never stop loving and caring for them any less, to always be true to yourself, and to always be there for them.

Education and Career Aspirations

I have a double Bachelors’s degree in Education and Visuals arts.

This partly came about because I used to be that person who always doubted their own abilities. Being a teacher, regardless of whether a student is interested in my subject or not, I still want to be that role model for them to give that necessary push to help them believe they can achieve what they wish for in life.

Hobbies & Interest

  • Pole Fitness: I’ve been doing pole dancing as exotic dance/stripteases at numerous clubs.
  • Dancing: I’ve done Latin American Dancing (Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, etc.) for several years now at an professional level so I am always up for a dance. Here’s a girl who knows how to move her hips!
  • Working out: I love an early morning run and swimming at the beach. I’m interested to taking up surfing as one of my many hobbies.
  • Visual arts: I love to paint and draw, visit art galleries and discuss a bit of art history/philosophy.
  • Food: Coming from a European background, I’m a huge foodie and always interested in exploring other cuisines and cultures.
  • Drinks: I love to go wine tasting and social drinking, as a wine lover and a very social person, I can strike up a conversation with anyone in a social setting.
  • Travelling: I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Israel, Italy, Thailand, Bali and America so far. I hope to travel more around the world.

Why I decided to become a Companion

I am looking for someone I can genuinely connect with and build a friendship, to pick up where we left off, to build on and connect in interests in each other’s lives.